A selection of Tours and activities around the Province of Antique

Most Tours are full board including Transport, Entrance fees, Tour guide, (Cook) Lunch, Cold drinks and activities which are described. 

There can be additional on packages which are not included, so it's your choice if you want to avail.

Have a nice day and a relaxed tour and feel the smile of the local people. 


Have a boating from the Phaidon's private beach passing the Magaba Fish Sanctuary moving into the river delta at Barangay Zaldivar going upstream to Barangay Guia and have a stop at the last bridge. Jumping off the boat into the shallow water which comes from the cold spring in Malumpati or rent a kayak and enjoy the river. 

Price per Person Php 700.00

Minimum of 2 Persons and Maximum of 8 Persons

Discounted Rates for Groups more than 4 Persons


Enjoy a day at Malumpati Cold Spring Resort with a lot of activities. Take a trekking tour to the head of the springs (Ulo Ulo), after the jungle tour jump into the cold water of Malumpati river while the staff prepare a "Filipino Pancit lunch" with ice cold drinks. Instead of trekking you also can experience "Tubing" along the river, try the zip line and wall rappelling and if ever not enough action, you still can drive an ATV on the circuit. 

Package includes: Transportation, entrance fee, lunch and cold drinks, swimming, Zip line, wall climbing and Tubing 

Per person: Php 1,200.00  Minimum of 2 Persons (Discounted Rates for Groups more than 5 Persons)

ATV – Circuit is extra

Always available


Butong Bato Falls, Hot Kawa, Zip line and Fish Spa in Tibiao (whole day tour)
Trekking through rain forest crossing rivers and take a dip or swim at Butong Bato Falls. After the cold dip take a hot bath in a Kawa and relax while the cook prepare a BBQ lunch with cold drinks. Have a ride on a Zip line and enjoy the famous "Fish Spa" near the river. 

Package includes: Transportation, entrance fees, snacks, lunch, cold drinks, swimming, tour guides, cook, hot Kawa, zip line and Fish Spa.

More activities are available like Kayaking, Tubing, Massage, Butterfly farm e.g. with additional charges. 

Price Per Person P 3,000.00 (Booking one (1) day advance / min. of 3 Person required or additional charges)

Discounted rates up from 6 person


A day at the “snorkel Paradise” just about 1 hour away from the Resort and you will discover new experience at the remote white sand beach of Malalison Island. Visiting the fish market in Culasi and buy fresh seafood and fish. Have a BBQ lunch with cold drinks and discover the island with its mountain, caves, coral reefs, swimming or snorkeling and round trip with the boat. 

Package includes: Transportation, entrance fees, Boat, snacks, BBQ lunch with cold drinks, swimming, tour guide, cook

Price Per Person P 2,500.00  Booking one (1) day in advance / min. of 3 Person

Discounted rates up from 6 person


Trekking and canyoning through rice fields, river, rain forest and waterfalls as soon we receive the first falls with pool, our cook will prepare a river BBQ. Uphill to another section of falls until we arrive at the two falls where you can take a dip. Coming back the food and cold drinks are ready and enjoy swimming in the pools.  

Package includes: Transport, entrance fees, snacks, lunch and cold drinks, swimming, Tour guide, cook and porters

Price Per Person P 2,200.00  Booking one (1) day in advance / min. of 2 Person

Discounted rates up from 5 person


Boating and sightseeing to Patria point to enjoy an amazing sunset. Feeling relaxed at this amazing Point to enjoy your sunset drink. 

Price per Person P 500 (Minimum of 2 persons - Maximum of 8 Persons)

Discounted Rates for Groups more than 4 Persons.

Excluded: Drinks or Snacks 


Let's have a day trip to the famous white sand beach of Boracay island and have a lunch and shopping too.

Package includes Transportation, all tickets and fees, boat, transport in Boracay, tour guide.

Not included: shopping, lunch and other activities.

Price per Person P 2,200.00  Minimum of 3 persons or additional charge, Booking  one (1) day advance

Discounted rates up from 5 person